Personal Videos

By elliosl

Austria Memories Farewell Summer Edie and Ava the Brave Read more

Internal Communications

By elliosl I shot and edited this video documenting a staff visit to a field project for internal communications purposes. I shot and edited this video to explain a team restructure. Oh...and to have a wee bit of fun. I shot and edited this video to encourage staff giving in a lighthearted way as part [...] Read more

Campaign Videos

By elliosl After our staff team collected great handheld footage from a fundraising walk, I turned this video around quickly to thank our participants and supporters via social media. I shot and edited this simple web video to promote CARE's Walk In Her Shoes campaign. This video was shot in Zambia and edited together [...] Read more

Digital billboards

By elliosl This video ran at a CBC News Express airport kiosk during the holiday season in support of CARE's gift catalogue campaign. This digital billboard ran without sound at Dundas Square. This video was made for an International Women's Day awareness campaign digital billboard space. Read more