Writing: Blog posts

By elliosl Putting her cup of hot chocolate down in the snow with a curious calm, our eight-year-old daughter Edie dragged her thrice-wrapped feet and legs laboriously through the snow up to where I stood, looked up at me and said: “I would like to…” – and this is where the tears made their debut – [...] Read more

Personal projects

By elliosl

I can get carried away with my personal projects. After a dream vacation to Palm Springs (the dry heat, the desert, the mid-century houses!) I wrote a thorough recollection of the trip, designed a custom photobook with my own photos and illustrations, and printed it via Blurb. Read more


By Shannon

Newsletters Our donor file had been missing some stewardship love. Past updates were laden with technical jargon and org-speak. I designed a light and simple donor-focused newsletter template, now deployed three times per year, that has seen revenue from this soft ask increase markedly. Family Photography Family Photos Storytelling Photos Read more

Personal Writing: Globe and Mail

By elliosl   The sound was faint at first. But when I trained my ears to it, it was clear. Hsssssss. I stepped toward the rear of the vehicle as my husband looked on with trepidation. Our two daughters were both still plugged into their tablets, completely oblivious that their parents were navigating anything other than [...] Read more

Creative writing

By Shannon

Family Photography Family Photos Storytelling Photos   'Mom died in this house," Valerie said, her voice trailing off as if she regretted making such a candid statement to people she barely knew. "It feels good knowing that the house will be going to you," she continued, managing a half-smile. My husband and I were [...] Read more